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How to Produce Dubstep Music

Thousands of users can attest to the notion that a program called Dubturbo is the best method of how to create dubstep music. It truly is the fastest and easiest way to create your own original tracks.

When producing Dubstep music in a modern world, the fact that all you need is a computer and the Dubturbo software, really is the reality of the times we exist in.

Get started by Downloading from:


Why We Love Dubturbo:


Yes it does cost money, but compared to the $300.00 you will part with for the nearest competitor in the Reason software (shipped package), the $29.95 to download Dubturbo and commence producing Dubstep tracks immediately, looks pretty darn good.

Download Now:

No other programs (capable of producing dubstep) can be downloaded from the official engineer and manufacturer, like Dubturbo can. The software and any selected add-ons or plugins are available straight from the website so there is no waiting for a package to be shipped from a physical store. – Loved by the impatient modern generation of online shoppers, the way it should be.

Sound Kits & Samples:

The extensive range of sound kits, samples and instruments that are included with the standard version are nothing short of awesome. Hand-crafted by producers from all over the globe, the variety of drum and vocal samples can be sifted through for hours and hours before running out of options. The female vocal samples are our personal favourite.

However, we recommend to take advantage of the additional sound and sample kits that are available through the Dubturbo website when you first get your software. They do end up costing more, should you want to download them later.

No More Hardware:

When compared to software like Avid’s ProTools, which does not even operate without a hardware interface, Dubturbo is a standalone studio suite. Yes, a good set of headphones helps with clarity and effectively results in cleaner mixes and sounds being more accurate to your desired effect, but are not essential.

Drum pads and Midi keyboards are often one of the primary additions to any small music studio, which can be quite expensive, especially for those on a budget or those who are not on a professional level just yet.

Getting down and dirty with Dubstep production and literally tapping out your basic kick and snare pattern by hand really is the organic method produce a real track. With every other program you would need a drum machine or keyboard, but with Dubturbo, the keyboard on your computer acts as the drum pad. Align the desired sound with the corresponding key (numbers 1-10), hit record, tap out the pattern and quantize from there.

Exporting Final Mixes:

Once you have completed your new Dubstep production, the mastering process is virtually automated and one click can lead to exporting a high quality .wav file, not some low quality MP3 like a lot of programs out there. You can choose to convert it to MP3 later should you need to.

The opportunity is then yours to sell your beats online, burn them to CD or iDevice, or mix them into your own live DJ sets to gauge crowd reactions. Hopefully the crowd won’t even notice the unheard-of original track of yours and keep kicking it, which is always a good sign.

Download from the developer at:  this website here – click link

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Greatest Dubstep Venues

In order to be taken serious as a DJ it is important to actually get out of the house and play live events. You could go to your local club and pump out some killer beats, but if you really want to launch your career as a Dubstep DJ you’ll need to work your way to certain prized Venues. The following venues listed below should be a definite goal for anyone trying to make a name for themselves in the Dubstep arena.

Whether you are only starting out as a Dubstep DJ or have years of experience to your name, playing at the following venues should be your next goal to achieve.


Fabriclive happens every Friday night at a nightclub called Fabric. This club has been labeled as “legendary” as many mainstream artists have played here. The club comes equipped with what they claim to be a “Bodysonic” sound system, which will most definitely shake you all the way to your internal organs.

This is definitely a venue that every Dubstep DJ should aspire to play at, seeing that Fabric has already established a name for itself as one of the premium clubs out there.


This is another Dubstep venue promoted at Fabric where many mainstream DJs including Skream and Caspa play regularly. This venue also has space for up and coming DJs which means if you have your sets ready to play, you should drop them a line and hopefully you can get in on the list of DJs for the night. This event happens every Thursday at Fabric.


DMZ is a venue run by some of the founding fathers of Dubstep. The event doesn’t happen all the time but if you subscribe to the venue you will be informed every time they have it. The event normally takes place at Mass at Brixton and is a wonderful place to listen to music way before it hits the stores.

Chew the Fat

This is probably one of the oldest venues out there dating back as early as 1997. This is one event that doesn’t stay at the same place and will continue to move all over the scene. Even though this isn’t completely Dubstep you will have access to some of the prominent names in the industry. Definitely a place to launch ones career if you ask me.

We fear Silence

These guys are in for the long haul. If you find yourself bored one Saturday you can always head over to Cable where some of the promoters of “The End” will have their event. Most of the time it is dedicated promote specific labels but could be a great place to network and work your way into the scene.


It is vital for any DJ interested in breaking into the Dubstep scene to actually play one of these venues. If you can establish yourself in these arenas you will definitely be well on your way to building a successful career. There are plenty of other venues but according to us these are the ones that are definitely the most stable and the most recognized.

In the world of music it is as important to be seen as it is to be heard, and these venues will definitely give you the presence you desire to become known to the world.

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DJ Harvey – RA Podcast 300

RA’s 300th podcast comes out smashing at you with a super overdriven in-your-face track just in case you weren’t totally awake when you hit the play button. A few minutes later you’re in the Middle East somewhere, spinning in a circle while competing melodies are panning around the speakers. Interesting stuff, eh?

As far as mixes go, you’ll be lost right out of the gate, and I’m afraid there’s no chance to make it home on this one, because there really is no home. Rumor has it that DJ Harvey is way out there in terms of dubstep production, and the cuts and selections that he put together for this hour and a half of anti-ear candy makes you believe it. You almost feel like he got tired of ever putting anything together that made sense, and thus strung together what you would never string together if you wanted something cognizent.

It seems like he’s not much into dance tracks that sit at 125 bpm. Rather, these are rock tracks, jazz tracks, heavily effected Afro-goth tracks, and backwards spoken word tracks, with spring reverb and squeal. Why not?

15 minutes into this podcast, you’ll be searching online for all the facts you can get about Harvey just to try to get some glimpse into the life of someone who comes up with this curious auditory nonsense, and you’ll find pictures of him with beer, and a bio that was last updated in 2005.

Floating through this hour, the absence of perfection is a little striking at first, but you’ll get used to it as your brain slides down into a mode where it isn’t trying to make sense out of the swirls and clicks anymore. Acid disco, jazz breaks, fade-out into ambient sweeps, and the constant hum of needle on vinyl keep you company on the journey, but it’s almost as though they are journeying through you, rather than you journeying through them.

It all gets more or less random as it continues, but never to the point where you want to turn it off – you’re too curious what is going to happen next, and there’s a drummer who is hitting snare rolls in space that won’t let you take your eyes off the bullseye.

In one interview, Harvey mentions that his idea setup is three turntables, two CD decks, a rotary mixer and a five-band EQ. After thinking about that for a minute, you can begin to understand where some of the sounds come from on this particular mix, and the chunky and inexact feel to it definitely isn’t unintentional.

For a man who doesn’t have anything to prove, this podcast mix doesn’t prove anything, which makes it a rather enjoyable listen. Everything from the applause and the crowd noises and talking in the background are part of a one-shot moment in time for DJ Harvey that he is sharing with the RA readership, and its non-commercial feel is a treat for people who don’t want to be handled with kid gloves. Bring the noise!

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Dubstep Software Review: Reason by Propellerheads

When it comes to making good music you always need to have the best possible software in your arsenal to really achieve that professional level of production. Thus we have taken it upon ourselves to track down what is what in the world of music production software. This time we’ll be taking a closer look at Propellerheads Reason.

General overview

Reason has been considered one of the best music production software for many years now with a full suit of plugins that will make any producer’s day. The only problem with Reason is that is does not really have a full availability to record audio. When producing Dubstep, the program itself is more of a digital suit used to create synthetic sounds and drum loops. If you are interested in recording external audio you’ll have to get your hands on the sister program Record 1.5. Thus if you are more into traditional recording techniques this would most probably not be your first choice. Either way there are certain packages that will allow you to get your hands on both Reason 5.0 and Record 1.5 for roughly $400 USD.

Let’s take a closer look to what the latest Reason has to offer:

  • Kong Drum Designer ( The Kong Drum designer is by far one of the most complete drum designers out there. Where Reason failed to appeal to external audio recording, it definitely took the digital drum designing to a new level. For those more experienced DJ’s you’ll find familiarities to other drum designers but will also find the incredible flexibility you’ll have over every individual loop. Kong is definitely a DJ’s cream dream)
  • Live Sampling (Yet another feature that the latest Reason has that can prove to be very beneficial for anyone attempting to mix things up in a live set. Unlike many other samplers out there, this one really works and has a wav editor built in making it an asset that any DJ must have in his or her arsenal)
  • Neptune Pitch Adjuster ( With this baby you’ll be able to automatically transpose audio coming in an octave up or down while having a pitch corrector all at the same time. Just imagine what you’d be able to do with that)

Is it newbie friendly?

Once you understand the basics of any music editor you’ll find that learning a new one isn’t that hard. But if you are completely new to the entire ordeal it can be very intimidating. Reason by itself with all its buttons and knobs can seem difficult at first but with all the tutorials on Youtube these days, anyone with enough time on their hands will be able to make music in no time. It wouldn’t be recommended to complete newbies but definitely can increase production value for more experienced producers.

Reason for Dubstep?

Reason is very Dubstep friendly especially due to the Kong Drum designer. You’ll find that making complex patterns will be much simpler once you master the basics of the program. That said for anyone serious about making solid Dubstep, Reason is a great choice to take you to the next level. Official website:

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